Our Story

Our story started 12 years ago when we began making jerky – developing different styles, textures, sizes and flavours to meet the demands of our customers all around the world. As time went on and our jerky business continued to grow, bag after bag was consumed by our team to ensure quality, consistency and perfection in every batch.

We became the jerky experts and decided to begin working on the perfect jerky for New Zealand taste buds – one that is moderately soft to the bite, full of flavour that is punchy but subtle, and made from New Zealand’s own free-range, grass-fed beef.

So development began in our kitchen. We developed recipes that we trialled, tasted and improved until we came to the jerky that you now enjoy. We knew we’d secured the ideal recipe that New Zealanders would love when our own team developed a weekly ritual “Jerky Friday” to take bags of jerky back to their teams to satisfy the 3 o’clock cravings and to give them the boost they needed to get through until the weekend.

Made in the heart of Taranaki, our Nourish Beef Jerky has been developed and crafted by our team of experts and each batch will continue to be made by our team of jerky professionals.

So here you have it, after years of perfecting it for everyone else, we’re thrilled to share our Nourish Beef Jerky with you. Made from New Zealand free-range, grass-fed beef, seasoned with the finest selection of herbs and spices and marinated to lock in the flavour before being naturally preserved, cooked and packed into bags ready to fuel your next adventure, serve to friends on a platter with crackers and cheese or to pop in your lunch box for a morning snack.

We’re sure you’ll love Nourish Jerky as much as we do.